Visiting Paris?

If you’re visiting the area, stop by the Basse Seine rowing club!

Paris and its metropolitan sprawl draws many visitors - for work, studies, or simple tourism. Our club is pleased to warmly welcome rowers with foreign rowing permits who wish to continue their training regimen in a top calibre establishment. We have an erg room, a weightlifting and fitness room, and of course our boathouse.

The Basse Seine rowing club is situated on the left bank of the Seine river just across from the historic Île de la Grande Jatte, around which we row.

The green and tree-lined island offers premium views from our boats. There are hidden gardens and charming squares, magnificent villas and luxurious apartments, and an-ever changing human spectacle to enjoy. Impressionist artists such as Monet, Van Gogh, Seurat, and Sisley visited the island for inspiration, putting to canvass Sunday scenes on the lush banks of the Grande Jatte. Today, such well-known figures as Jean Reno, Patricia Kass, Christian Clavier, and Nicolas Sarkozy have taken homes on the island.

As you row downstream past the Courbevoie bridge, you can spot the Pavilion of the British Indies on the Courbevoie side. This wood and golden-domed palace was commissioned by the Prince of Wales, and designed by Caspar Purdon Clarke, for the 1878 World’s Fair.

Look out for fishermen as you get to the east end of the Grande Jatte island. Catfish, gudgeon, pike, and zander are plentiful…as are brown bullheads, which can reach up to two and a half meters in length!

Between the island and the right bank of the Seine the surroundings change quite a bit. This narrower side is confined by the island on the left as you row upstream and on the right by the numerous houseboats moored on the Levallois banks. Spying at the houseboat tenants is always entertaining, as you’ll be as likely to see a crowded party as a yoga class!

As you make your turn around the west end of the island look up to see the Temple of Love. Worth the visit, this monument dates to the beginning of the 19th century and is a registered historic monument. The stately nymph watching over lovers and the island garden may have lost her head, but perhaps this only adds to the charm.


Toursime temple amour
Temple of Love

Seurat, Seine à la Grande Jatte(1888)

Tourisme pavillon
‚ÄčPavilion of the British Indies

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Last edited: 26/05/2018