News 2013-2014

For the 2013 season SNBS is:

in the First Division category

#7 in the Youth category

a 3-Star French Rowing School (since 2004)

#6 in the Randon’Aviron Trophy category


French National Cadets and Juniors Championships - Vichy - July 4-6

Yet again, fine weather did not show up.

These championships rounded out a busy season, and, despite some disappointing results compared to expectations, we want to applaud all our rowers for their efforts.

The Junior Girls Coxless Four (Justine Lebourg, Margot Rondel, Ashley Dubout, Amélie Dubout) ended their weekend with a great 5th place finish, and positive signs for things to come next year!

The Cadette Girls Pair (Ilona Le Carre, Charlotte Lonnet) proved worthy rowers with a 7th place finish overall after their race in the B final.

The Cadet Boys Eight (Loïc Boccanfuso, Victor Legrand, Gautier Iprex, Antoine Charlaix, Louis De Villers, Nathan Crossonneau, Théo Lafont, Nicolas Villemot; cox: Claire Quenum), after catching a crab just after the start unfortunately ended last in the B final, well behind the main cluster. The 12th place finish was disappointing, but the overall esprit de corps very promising! 

The Junior Boys Eight (Romain Denis, Hadrien Charneau, Florian Quenneville, Arthur Fosse, Liam Vieyra, Grégoire De Roux, Raphaël Aghilone, Dorian Bouchy) finished 14th.

A little shout-out to Gaëtan Penou who we very much missed for these championships!


French National Minimes and Critérium Vétérans Championships - Mâcon - June 26-27

Difficult weather conditions marked this weekend of races.

After two days of racing, the Minimes Girls Double (Justine Oudet, Inès Boccanfuso) finished with silver medals, outraced in the final by the impressive Mimizan girls.

The Minimes Girls Quad Scull (Suzanne Degardin, Clémence Solvet, Abigaëlle Poirot, Alix Blanquez) finished 13th overall, nicely winning the C final.

The Veteran Mens Quad Scull (Jean-Benoît Guilmet, Christian D'Orival, Alain Davaille et Constantin Choupis) finished 11th in the National Critérium races.

A big thanks to everyone who made the journey to the regatta, especially Roxane and Justine, our two minimes girls supporters!


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